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The Capture Arena is a building directly south of the Dwarven Mines north of RuneScape

There are 3 groups: the Red group, the Purple team, and also the Light Green team. If you're on the Red group, you each get a Red pickaxe for symbol that you are on the Red team RuneScape Gold 2007. If you are on the Purple team, you each get a Purple pickaxe for emblem which you are on the Purple team. The duration of a game is all about 7-12 minutes.
The three teams are in one triangular area with many obstacles. Red rocks, Purple rocks, and Light Green stones are situated everywhere in the area. There is a giant pickaxe at each team's corner which represents the group's colour. The handles of the giant pickaxes stretches out into the middle of the stadium where the pickheads are. A gigantic rock with red, purple, and light green stripes is located at the middle of the stadium.
The goal of the game is to collect the giant ore in the gigantic rock in the center of the stadium with your team's gigantic pickaxe. To do that you have to use your individual pickaxes to mine an ore from a stone (every rock is 20 Mining Exp.) Together with your team's colour (you are also able to mine other groups' stones ) anywhere in the arena (you can hold up to your stock space).
Then you must use your mined ore and then deposit it in the engine which powers your group's giant pickaxe. The giant pickaxe then starts mining away in the gigantic rock in the center of the stadium. The more of your colored ore you put in the motor, the faster your team's giant pickaxe mines OSRS Fire Cape Buy. However, other folks from other groups can put different colored ores into your team's motor to slow down your giant pickaxe from mining.
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