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EA’s new FC 24 will feature all your favourite game modes

At the time of writing, Moises Caicedo is still a Brighton player, however, it looks certain the Ecuadorian will depart over the summer. Multiple clubs are circling for the player, which could scupper your chances of FC 24 Coins signing him straight away on Career Mode.
With FC 24 a no-show, EA’s new FC 24 will feature all your favourite game modes, licences, leagues, and stadiums. The game will also include a redeveloped crossplay system that includes FC 24 Clubs, making sure you don’t miss a single match with your mates regardless of their platform.
Signing a wonderkid GK in FC 24 Career Mode saves you money and means your No.1 spot is secure for years to come. We’re taking a look at the best EA Sports FC 24 wonderkid GK ratings so you know who to snap up. Here is our EA Sports FC 24 wonderkid GK top 10 prediction:
We will have to wait until the EA Sports FC release date until all the ratings are officially confirmed, but until then we can speculate, using the current FC 24 ratings. Check out our wonderkid GK player predictions for FC 24 below.
You won’t need to break the bank to sign these wonderkid goalkeepers in FC 24 Career Mode, and thanks to the way progression and development work in the game, they can reach higher than their estimated ceiling. If you get one of these guys early, play them regularly, and they perform well, you can easily get one of the best keepers in the game.
Usually, we classify wonderkids as anyone who is a teenager at the start of your FC 24 Career Mode save. However, as goalkeepers usually develop later and have longer careers, this has been upped to cheap Fut 24 Coins anyone who is 21 years old or younger. 
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