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What's been revealed to all players on the time it will take

According to the information that ScudzTV is telling players on Twitter Many may not be awed by the amount of time, effort, or money must be invest in a game developed by EA to make the most enjoyment from it. The debate over the loot box in FIFA and other games, rages and certain countries, including Canada having filed a lawsuit against EA over the damages caused by their. What's been revealed to all players on the time it will take, and what it could cost to build an FUT team of dreams with EAFC 24 Coins once again doesn't shine an ideal light on the business practices of EA.
The week before, EA found itself embroiled in a scandal when it was revealed that at the very least, one company employee was selling clandestinely EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team cards, that are very rare cards that have low drop rates for between $1000 and $2500. On Twitter, #EAGate began becoming popular as the news spread regarding this scandalous activity. several gamers, specifically those who'd paid large sums of money to get the exclusive FUT cards in the official authorized way, reacted in rage.
The first response from EA was to declare that it would be conducting a thorough investigation into the alleged controversies surrounding employee activities and to ban all FIFA accounts that obtained cards via the black market. In the past few days, after, EA has revealed that it has discovered a tiny number of accounts involved in suspicious activities. "One or more EA accounts," said the company was "used improperly by a person within EA," who had given items to the compromised accounts.
The investigation is ongoing, and EA has promised that employees who have the business of selling EA Sports FC 24 merchandise to gamers will be disciplined. The company has also announced that EA have stopped the practice of discretionary content giving, an internal practice that permits employees to legitimately give games-related contents to EA accounts to test marketing, compensation, or to resolve customer service issues.
The particulars of EA Gate were revealed after an Twitter user named of Arcade-Fut shared a series of images of a chat thread where a customer and an EA employee discussed the cost of purchasing EA Sports FC 24 Teams of the Year and ICONS cards, which are extremely appreciated due to their rarity.
According to one picture it appears that this practice has been in place for a long time, and the message in Spanish identified it as an employee of EA Germany selling the cards with the help of two intermediaries. They has been doing this for "at minimum three years I have heard of." This employee required only the buyer's EA as well as PSN ID for the purchase to be completed.
Although an employee selling illegally EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team cards is undoubtedly a source of anger for most people, it is a matter that could be more troubling. FIFA cards and loot box have long been a subject of contention in the video game franchise, enough so that authorities have started investigations across the globe into the practices and have asked whether it is gambling.
In recent times there has been an increasing number of reports have emerged of players who have spent hundreds, to thousands of dollars for loot boxes, not only in EA games but also in other titles too. The fact that a lot of players believe it is more affordable to spend between $1000 and $2500 to buy EA Sports FC 24 packs of cards under the table with this EA employee is a testament to their trust in the probability of being able to obtain these items legally.
The ongoing debate surrounding the issue of what FIFA fans call "EA Gate" continues to escalate. EA has denied allegations that official accounts were used to offer exclusive, valuable FIFA Ultimate Team objects for hundreds of dollars. In the course of its investigation, EA has also made the decision to immediately stop the practice of rewarding items that are not discretionary for an indefinite period. It's unlikely to ease the angst in the FIFA community However, it's an important step in the right direction.
For those who aren't familiar about the idea of discretionary content grants to FIFA by EA The publisher has gave a brief overview. In essence, it's a means to allow EA to offer FIFA Ultimate Team items to players automatically, bypassing the RNG features that are included in FIFA packs. These items are made available to EA personnel or through partners, and are not exchanged. EA declares that these items are only granted for professional players of the football league, celebrities employees and their partners and not given to "professional gaming influencers."
Additionally, EA says that discretionary items may be handed out by customer service representatives to players who have accidentally deleted items or distributed through testing and quality-verification players via testing accounts whenever issues arise. In both cases, there are the strictest restrictions.
EA is obviously trying to ward off the idea that it's making use of the FIFA Ultimate Team non-essential items without restriction. It's not difficult to see the reason FIFA Ultimate Team players would be concerned that YouTubers or Twitch streamers they follow are manipulative and don't have the same system they do. Additionally, they are concerned that EA might manipulate their FIFA Ultimate Team marketplace by using these items that are discretionary.
What EA wants to achieve is rectify this false belief, since it could cause a huge rift in the image of what's now one of the most profitable games. If players don't trust FIFA Ultimate Team packs and they don't want to buy the packs. EA hopes that players are aware that even though the current controversy is extremely negative but they are still able to believe in their faith in the FIFA Ultimate Team market.
However, EA isn't trying to downplay the controversy in it's a part of. It's been acknowledged that the system for redemption of discretionary items has been misused and initiated a thorough and "rigorous" investigation into the way it occurred. The company has also pledged to penalize those accounts associated with the illicit purchase and selling of items, and it will remove any illicit items. In addition, EA has issued an apology for the negative impact that the issue and the controversy has affected players in the FIFA community with cheap FIFA Coins. We hope that FIFA players will be grateful as a first step.
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