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To create the Boon of energy that flickers, you'll need 100 Pale (the first kind of energy you'll collect, and Flickering as 2nd) or energy from flickering. Once it's created and utilized it will grant you an XP boost when you harvest Flickering energy. Since we've covered the basics of Divination and now it's time to begin the process of OSRS gold. Start by collecting Pale wisps. They are located in South from Draynor Village.
They're tiny blue balls of light, floating around. Note that they don't come with an enhanced version. It is recommended to farm them until you've reached level 10. as explained above, and then you can make an energy boon that flickers by using any remaining Pale energy that you might have. The next location you need to reach is to the eastern side from Falador. Falador lodestone. Find Flickering wisps, gather these, and then convert them into XP the same way as you did before. Once you have reached Divination Level 20. you can convert the 300 Flickering Energy into the Boon of light energy and then move on to the next level.
The next agricultural land is located to East of Varrock or to the west from Varrock, or west of the Dig Site. The easiest way to reach it is using the Dig Site Pendant; however even if you don't possess one, you can walk to Varrock. Farm all the Bright wisps till you reach 30 levels and then create an Boon with glowing energy using 500 Bright energy.Next location to go is to the to the south to the south of Seers Village lodestone, where you'll find Glowing wisps. When you are at the level of 40. you can make the Boon of Sparkling energy by using 600 glowing energy.
The area you'll cultivate to get to level 50 is within Slayer caves. Slayer caves. The most efficient way to achieve this is making use of the Slayer rings. If you don't have one or you don't have it, you could use the Fairy rings with the J & R combination. If you do not have any means to reach the location quickly, head to Fremennik lodestone and go towards the east. Grow Sparkling wisps until level 50. You can then create an Energy Boon with gleaming with the remaining 800 Sparkling energy.
The most ideal place to grow your farm until 60 years old is near the Nature altar making it a good choice when you own an Wicked hood. If not, go towards Varrock's east. Varrock The farmlands are located to the east of the construction site. It is recommended to farm Gleaming wisps before making an energy boon at the time you reach the 60th level with 1 000 Gleaming energy.
The next wisps to harvest are the Vibrant Wisps. They are located just to the north of mobilizing armies. This is the only region where you can remain in for 10 levels Divination XP The remaining areas will reward you with 5 levels each. You can continue to farm as usual, then you can make the next Boon that should cost you around 1.200 Invigorating cheap RuneScape gold .
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