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Rsgoldfast - Minigames bring a good deal of fun to RuneScape players

Meteor warp: fires a meteor through wals in a straight line only 4 calyctic runes 10 damage lvl 30--and u damage that man right? ... Maybe. Ice Bomb: imbune you teleport orb with RuneScape gold ice hockey and throws it to freeze the victimlvl 35 lol cool idea. Night color: if strikes then it blinds the opponent for 10 seconds 4 c and 3 e lvl 50 ok...

Meteor storm: takes three stars and a single meteor wich does 2-10 damage;v; 50 wayyyyyyyyy too repeated maybe the first one work and just the initial one. Style blast, ultima: complete combat: it takes two stars at the air then shoots an energy lance then blasts a meteor warp and then utilizes nightshade and then teleports to the foe and then slashes him lvl 60 so this will be member only right??? lol what do u mean slash him? You are using meteor and then something like.

Some of them are weird, not sensible, too strong, or just useless. . .like the ones where you simply tele to someone and hit them they dont want THREE of these you can just get 1 or 2 (subsequently 1st and the 3rd)

Minigames bring a good deal of fun to RuneScape players everywhere, so it is natural that a good deal more entertaining and exciting minigames will be introduced, or any small challenge which will tax your battle abilities to the max. But what if there were a minigame that did ? A minigame that demanded you to believe, strategize, while at the same time testing your ability to battle a high level monster, or multiple, tough lower level ones. So my minigame idea is just that:

The entry to this minigame are available close to the Carnillean Mansion, south of East Ardougne Castle. Just south of the home can be seen a small shack, and within this small shack are two ground portals: A small one and a large one. If you wish to go into the single-player game, enter the small portal site. If you wish to put in the group minigame, you and buy rs3 gold your friends must enter the big one. Details will be explained later on.
on April 28 at 10:05 PM

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