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NBA 2K23 is also releasing another pack series

The player pool continues to grow with MT 2K23 the latest release. NBA 2K23 players who purchased the highly-rated MyTeam mode are receiving a fair amount of opportunities to purchase brand new Dark Matter units currently available in the new season.
In the last few days, gamers who put their energy into Agenda challenges will be able to pick up one daily new unit and take them on a challenge to win the next one the next day. In the NBA 2K23 Season 6 Agenda will release units ranked from Gold tier up until one Dark Matter unit, obtainable on the final day of the event.
Shaquille O'Neal will be joining the roster of players on the Season 6 Agenda following the previous day's release of the 77-overall Grant Williams. The 15-time All Star and four-time NBA Champion is represented as an offensive centre for the Cleveland Cavaliers in this unit and is available free of charge after a game with an Williams unit.
When the Season 6 Agenda was announced earlier in the week, fans of MyTeam were excited about the prospect of getting several highly valued players to add to their roster, but the excitement soon turned into dread as the units were failing to appear on their rosters despite having completed the challenge. While 2K Games has attempted to address the issue, several players continue to experience the issue.
Along with the announcement, NBA 2K23 is also releasing another pack series, dubbed "Fan Favorites" that will come with three new features. The players Galaxy Opal Jonathan Isaac (98-overall), Dark Matter Kristaps Porzingis (99-overall), and Dark Matter Kevin Durant (99-overall) are the only gamers in the new series and will be a great way for a player to increase the size of their roster.
Season 6 started with three new Dark Matter units added to cheapest mt 2k23. For Durant this is the second time this month that he's featured in the top level, with his player card getting an increase during the course of the month in conjunction with the update to Dynamic Ratings.
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