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The most recent patch to Classic World of Warcraft TBC

Now that they've been around for more than 20 years, there are a few MMORPGs that currently have both modern and classic versions running at the same time with wow tbc classic gold. World of Warcraft is one example which has its producer Blizzard recently announced an expansion for the retail game and the next patch in the ongoing development of Classic.
The most recent patch to Classic World of Warcraft TBC adds the creation of a new region which is a massive island off of the northern coast in the Eastern Kingdoms under the care of a faction known as The Shattered Sun Offensive. This is the Isle of Quel'Danas is located only steps away from Silvermoon City The capital of the Blood Elves Although this is a Horde race, the island is accessible to all players from both factions. It offers completely new content for every player.
Shattrath City
While the most crucial locations for this faction are mostly in the isle, players must start elsewhere before they can be able to access the Isle of Quel'Danas itself. Contact Draenei NPC named General Tiras'alan, a representative of the Offensive located next to A'dal, to begin the quest to access that Isle of Quel'Danas for the first time.
Shattrath is also a key hub for various other Shattered sun NPCs, who give out daily quests after the initial period on the island has completed. The daily quests that are available to players who play in Shattrath are usually done in Outland and specifically in the regions of Netherstorm and Garadar and Garadar, but there's the option of grinding the reputation levels of players outside of the new zone in order to escape the crowds.
Sun's Reach Harbor
All players, regardless of faction, find themselves at an air route on the western half of this harbor on their arrival to Quel'Danas. This area will be connected to the routes that are normally linked to the player's faction after they've used it the first time, making travel a bit more convenient.
This isn't the only significant aspect players will find within the sun's Reach Harbor with buy wow classic tbc gold. Archmage Ne'thul is located on one of the nearby docked ships. Talking with him is the aim in one of the initial quests. There are also a few significant NPCs in possession of certain precious artifacts found on the deck that he shares with him.
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