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"NBA 2K" is the "NBA 2K" series has been on the market for many years

As long as you play MT 2K22 comfortably, any other minor issues will be tolerable. But when you discover that the bug of NBA 2K21 has been extended to 2K22and you'll more or less feel helpless.NBA 2K22" post-play evaluation: the next generation of newcomers not being allowed entry and providing fans with services

"NBA 2K" is the "NBA 2K" series has been on the market for many years. In the days when the market was flooded with various games of the same kind however, the only one "NBA 2K" can stand by itself. Even the top-rated "NBA Live" must be removed from the market. What are the hurdles to participation in "basketball video games".

When the industry is able to only have one job to be supported The advantage is that manufacturers can make the biggest profits, allowing them to spend more on capital to develop new works (if they are determined to invest in the future) But the disadvantage is that they have no competitors, just like no like a mirror, the quality of a work cannot be accurately measured.

"NBA 2K" and "NBA Live" were fighting for supremacy until the latter was hired by Michael Jordan (Michael Jordan) as the front cover of the game, and added its own "career mode". Basketball fans flocked in "NBA 2K" tilt. Apart from inviting contemporary or retired stars for covers "NBA 2K" has also invited a range of well-known music artists in order to make the best soundtrack for the sport, and successfully attracting a group of young people who are passionate about basketball and rock.

It's a shame, after all, basketball games, just like other sports , aren't able to make significant advancements in terms of gameplay and system. Alongside the fact that players update their information annually, the game's developer 2K Sports has decided to "specialize the operation" that the games play.

Jidu has made numerous NBA2king improvements in its operation, and even implemented real-time tactical switching and the possibility of adjusting teammates' artificial intelligence settings as well as the change of artificial intelligence settings. The game has been upgraded from traditional action games to live-time action and strategy games, to allow Jidu to appear more professional than professional.
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