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Transformers game has all come from the pockets of Runescape players

I logged in today for the first time in nearly three years and it's been crazy how the game itself has changed. While I did quit the game back in 2008 and then changed to CSS RuneScape 2007 Gold, I still remember how much fun I had playing this game with my buddies (tabt and taker sleepy, goggie, and so on). It's really crazy how people and the game itself has changed, it's similar to seeing the world through the last 100 years(Well maybe not as extreme hahahaha. .
There are a lot of aspects that make this game different: the playerbase and the gameplay, as well as the general experience. The clan chat in the current time was among the most surprising things to me. It's not nearly as large as it was. What happened?
It's quite amazing that such a dramatic change can occur however I'm not sure I'd have noticed it had I not been there. That's what I believe it means when I look at the only post I posted on this account. It's just a completely different environment and location than what you remember.
In the end I found it strange and unfocused that I just joined the game. Could someone explain the most common things that happen these days OSRS Gold For Sale? What are the most significant changes to the game other than EoC? Are there other cities, lands or lands they've added?
on October 20 at 09:08 PM

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