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What do players need to know about Path of Exile: Expedition?

Like all quarterly expansions of Path of Exile, Expedition adds features that can be added to the main campaign and provide interesting distractions when players level up and find loot. So, for those players who don’t know Expedition yet, what do they need to know?

The entire program does not seem too complicated, it is just a new way to create custom battle encounters for the players themselves. Players also dig through logs, which reveal famous locations discovered by colonists. These behaviors are a bit like Path of Exile’s endgame map, providing customizable extra missions in new locations.

Path of Exile: Expedition has four Kalgur merchants, each of them runs a different type of store, and pursues a specific artifact. Gamblers, provide players with unidentified items. Bargainers, let players bargain by luck, one will up-sell to them, gradually get better POE Items or give up upgrades, and the last one only provides specific cost transactions.

There is also a new set of skills and spells designed to change the metadata of Path of Exile, which may allow popular characters to be built in the dust. Around the nineteen sublimation professions, each one has designed a new POE Currency, and each one looks very cool. GGG also plans to redo early games. Although some people like to play the first half of the game easily now, there is no denying that Path of Exile has become easier over time, and it wants to bring back some old fears.
on September 21 at 11:40 PM

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