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RuneScape - It was an excellent choice

One part of RuneScape gold the logic was "It has a negative effect on yew longbows." However even if they DID drop, if they were at their high alch prices it would be extremely popular to sell to. The players would have a variety of options to choose from to maximize profit.

This is the case. The logic behind the sticky says it is profitable to say craft the dhide body. Does that mean they will change the price? or consider that with OVLDS the cost of making one has decreased by half in the last few months. Does this mean that we should expect an update to them since they are supposed to be costly pots?

It's opening up a can of worms, which I believe Jagex will regret later on down the road. It's unjust for people who purchased natures to force this change upon them. I created this story in order to play the devil's advocate. I'm sure most people know Jagex changed the nature rane alch price. Mod Teabag discussed the reasons the price change was made during his morning snack break. This is what Mod Teabag had to say.

"Yes, to confirm, we have changed the alch values for high alch of nature runes. This WAS NOT DUE TO BOTS. I'm just trying to set the record straight about the reason for this. This did not represent a denial to bots/rwt’rs, as conspiracy theoryists assert. We are able to guarantee that our game is 100% bot-free.

It was an excellent choice. Mod WhatsBotting, a friend of mine, was on the way to work Monday morning. He likes to take public transportation to do his part to help keep the Earth from getting warmer and exploding in a few trillion years. He passes the school's elementary on his way to buy old school rs gold the bus stop.
on September 21 at 10:31 PM

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