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Gold Cap(Alpha Reward): The Most Expensive Item in Rocket League?

Gold Cap(Alpha Reward): The Most Expensive Item in Rocket League?

Rocket League is a popular game that combines soccer and cars, where players can customize their vehicles with various items, such as decals, wheels, boosts, and toppers. Some of these items are more rare and valuable than others, and some are even considered legendary and priceless. One of these items is the Gold Cap, the most expensive item in Rocket League.

What is the Gold Cap?

The Gold Cap is a topper that looks like a golden baseball cap with the Rocket League logo on it. It is one of the Alpha Rewards, which are items that were given to Rocket League Items players who participated in the alpha testing of the game before its official release in 2015. There are only four Alpha Rewards in the game: the Gold Rush boost, the Goldstone wheels, the Gold Nugget antenna, and the Gold Cap. Among these, the Gold Cap is the most coveted and sought-after by collectors and traders.

How to get the Gold Cap?

The reason why the Gold Cap is so expensive is because of its rarity and exclusivity. There are only about 3000 Gold Caps in existence, and they can only be obtained by trading with other players who own them. They cannot be found in crates, drops, or shops. They also cannot be painted or certified, which means they are unique and unchangeable. The Gold Cap is a symbol of prestige and history, as it shows that the owner was one of the first players to Buy Rocket League Items support and play Rocket League.

The price of the Gold Cap varies depending on the platform and the market demand. According to some sources , the current average price of the Gold Cap on PC is around 1132 credits, on PS4 is around 175 credits, on Xbox One is around 215 credits, and on Switch is unknown. However, these prices are not fixed or official, as they depend on the negotiation between the buyer and the seller. Some players may ask for more or less credits, or even other rare items in exchange for the Gold Cap.


The Gold Cap is a rare and valuable item that many players dream of owning. It is not only a cosmetic accessory, but also a sign of respect and recognition in the Rocket League community. The Gold Cap is the ultimate status symbol in Rocket League, and it will likely remain so for a long time.

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