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Enock Mwepu is one of the brightest youngsters

Enock Mwepu is FIFA 23 Coins one of the brightest youngsters in FIFA 23, and the new African footballer is currently on the team at Brighton & Hove Albion. The news was not good just a few hours ago when it was revealed that he was going to retire from the game at 24.
It was announced that Mwepu has a rare heart disease that could render the situation very deadly if he is allowed to compete at the professional level. The news has been confirmed by multiple people on October 10 and has caused shockwaves throughout the community.
The earlier retirement is now causing questions regarding his card's position with FIFA 23. As with many professional footballers they are also part of the game. The announcement was made and the fan base has been asking about the fate of the card with the most recent title.
Although EA Sports hasn't made an official announcement, some speculations could be speculated about what could be expected from the card in the near future, based on the known patterns.
There have been prior instances when footballers' tickets were taken off of FIFA games. Following Emiliano Sala's unfortunate incident, his counterpart in game had been removed from his 19th entry of the franchise. The same move was made after the arrest of Manchester United star Mason Greenwood in FIFA 23.
At the moment, the Zambian international's card is accessible in all modes. He was given the 76-rated CM card with a few bright spots that cheap FUT 23 Coins show his real-life talents. The 82 Pace is more than good for a card at his rank.
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