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Formula 1 watches are much more than fashion, it is a collaboration that has generated some of the most coveted pieces in recent years, and has revolutionized the mechanical machinery of luxury watches.

Formula 1 watches keep all the sports essence of the most exclusive watchmaking, and also offer simply spectacular movements. This week we are going to analyze the influence of Formula 1 on the manufacture of watch mechanisms and the designs that have emerged in recent years, due to the union of Formula 1 and watchmaking.

Why Formula 1 and watchmaking are two associated concepts

Formula 1 cars reach incredible speeds, sometimes a race is won by a few thousandths, in short, all of Formula 1 is due to precision, to the exact point at which you accelerate, in the process during a pit stop or the exact measurement of race times.

In this sense, taking time is fundamental. Precision is very important in Formula 1, which is why the best Swiss watch brands collaborate with this sport.

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On the contrary, Formula 1 has also brought various advances to the development of watchmaking. This sport uses all kinds of mechanical devices to increase power and safety in cars, based on FIA regulations, this continuous development not only applies to the cars we drive every day, it can also be applied to other sectors. of mechanics, as happens with watches.

In recent years, many of the advances that we have seen on the tracks have been applied to time measurement models, with evident success, proof of which are the many collaborations that have taken place between teams and Swiss Watches Manufacturers.

TAG Heuer, the measurement of speed

When we talk about Formula 1 watches, we must necessarily start with TAG Heuer.

One of the main milestones of the Swiss manufacturer is the measurement of the official times of Formula 1 from 1992 to 2013. As you can imagine, taking times in this sport requires absolute accuracy, sometimes they are thousandths of a second. second, those that decide a podium, a race, even a world championship.

TAG Heuer has traditionally been a manufacturer closely associated with motor sport, its history is full of milestones related to motor racing, however, no reference such as having become, for two decades, the official timekeeper of this sport .

What is TAG Heuer's tribute to F1? One of its best-known collections, TAG Heuer Formula 1.

This collection is based on TAG Heuer's experience in the world of speed. For both men's and women's watches, TAG's Formula 1 line is perhaps the watch industry's most perfect tribute to the sport.

Rolex and its collaboration with F1

In addition to TAG, there is another manufacture closely associated with the speed of F1, Rolex. Rolex became in 2013 the official timekeeper of Formula 1 races.

Back in 1935, Sir Malcolm Campbell broke the land speed record with an Oyster on his wrist, driving 435 kilometers per hour.

Daytona is another name associated with speed, however, it was Formula 1 that has made Rolex forever associated with the automotive world.

Rolex is, for some, the main Swiss watch manufacturer, Formula 1 is the fastest and most precise sport, therefore, the relationship between the two brands has been a success from the beginning.

Hublot Ferrari

Although, without a doubt, the collaboration between a Swiss watch brand and a team that has caused the most talk in recent years has been the one between Hublot and Ferrari, to create practically perfect machines.

Big Bang Ferrari are two concepts that will mark a before and after in the luxury Watch Manufacturing Industry. This joint work began in 2011, since the Big Bang Ferrari Magic Gold was launched in 18 carats, although, without a doubt, its main creation has been the MP-05 LaFerrari, an already legendary watch with a power reserve of 50 days, which to this day continues to set the world record, 637 different pieces and a new way of understanding watchmaking.

Today there are numerous collaborations and sponsorships involving teams and watch brands.

One of the longest relationships in this sense is the one between Mercedes Benz-AMG and IWC Schaffhausen. The first, a reference team on and off the track, the second, one of the most elegant and exclusive manufactures in Switzerland. In fact, Mercedes celebrated its 50th anniversary with an IWC chronograph worn by its official drivers.

One of the most curious collaborations is the one between Renault and Bell & Ross. The Swiss manufacturer abandons its characteristic square cases, to offer the French team perfect watches for sports races.

Richard Mille is also a brand based on mechanical technology, in this case its collaboration is with McLaren, a team for which it has created pieces such as the RM50-03 McLaren F1, a prodigy of mechanical technique, with the unmistakable style of Richard Mille watches.

Finally, another of the most lasting and successful associations is the one that Oris and Williams have maintained for more than 15 years. In this type, both brands have managed to develop precision mechanisms based on speed and time control.

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These are the main examples of Formula 1 watches, pieces that show that the collaboration of two different sectors can give rise to ideas that change both industries. At Watches5 they offer OEM and OEM service, you can cotact with them to design your own custom luxury watches.

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