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Luxury Pocket Watch for Authentic Watch Lovers - Wholesale Luxury Watches

The Patek Philippe pocket watch is undoubtedly a very special piece. Usually choosing a pocket piece is a very personal choice, since today it is usual to opt for wristwatches, however, there are still fans who opt for classic choices, and who also trust one of the most recognized Swiss Watches Manufacturers in Switzerland, Patek Philippe.

On this occasion we are going to analyze the characteristics of the Patek Philippe pocket watch based on its most characteristic models currently available, contemporary designs, but that keep the essence of Patek Philippe.

Features of pocket watches

Pocket watches usually have very defined characteristics, due to their peculiarity. One of its differentiating features is its vintage design. It is true that in many cases manufacturers make an effort to redesign these watches and provide more modern aspects, but for the most part the pocket watch is traditional, and therefore its design refers to its own past.

The fastening system is different. Wrist watches have a bracelet or strap, which can be made of different materials, which allows the piece to fit completely, however, the pocket watch has a special chain attachment, which facilitates handling and protection.

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One of the most common features of pocket watches is the cover. Not all of them have this accessory, but in most cases, the crystal and the dial are protected by a cover that can be easily operated. However, the new virtually unbreakable glass has meant that many of the new models do not include a lid.

It is also common that many of these models have a skeleton design, especially on the back, in this way the operation can be observed through a glass installed for this purpose.

These are some of the general characteristics that pocket watches usually have, however, as we will see below, luxury models include other features and improvements.

Patek Philippe pocket watches, the current collection

The brand itself refers to its collection of pocket watches as the hallmark of tradition, as Patek Philippe was the main reference in this type of machine.

Patek Philippe continues to produce small runs of pocket watches, based on traditional aesthetics, but with all of today's mechanical technological advances.

All the watches that we analyze below have manual winding.


This Lepine-type model has a separate dial for the seconds hand and a second power reserve indicator of up to 36 hours.

The white lacquered dial is protected by a very striking yellow gold piece, as is the chain that accompanies this model. The thickness of this watch is 7.77mm. and its diameter is 44 mm.


If the previous design was characterized by its cleanliness, this watch has even more defined shapes, since the dial only includes a separate dial for the seconds.

Also presented in yellow gold, when we say that Patek Philippe pocket watches keep the essence of traditional watchmaking, we do so because of this type of piece.


This model is based on the base design of the previous one, but includes some obvious variations, such as the Roman numerals and the hands in black.

A classic among classics, the Patek Philippe 973J-010 watch has all the components that a pocket watch should have, starting from the foundation of tradition, to reach the precision of today's watchmaking.


This Patek Philippe pocket watch features one of the most recognizable features in pocket watches, a cover that protects the dial and crystal.

If you are looking for a really special watch, with a protective cover and in yellow gold, you will not find a more suitable piece than this one.

980J-011 / 980R-001

These two models follow the same design, Arabic numerals, simple lines and a protective cover, however the difference is perceived in the material of the case, in yellow gold and rose gold.


White gold is also a perfect material for pocket watches, this Patek Philippe design is a sample of the elegance that light gold achieves in watches, adorned with Roman numerals and a protective cover.


This is Patek Philippe's second white gold design, in this case with Arabic numerals. The 980G-010 is one of the most elegant designs in the Patek Philippe catalogue, a discreet creation adapted to all kinds of styles.


The latest model currently offered by Patek Philippe in pocket designs features a yellow gold finish, power reserve indication and a separate dial for the seconds hand.

The style of Patek Philippe pocket watches

Any reason is valid to wear a Patek Philippe, in the case of pocket watches, it is a very personal choice, based on the taste for traditional watchmaking of the main Swiss Watch Manufacturer.

It is true that wristwatches displaced this type of watch at the time, however, precisely for this reason, today many people choose pocket watches for special occasions, in which every detail counts.

If you have a passion for watchmaking and are looking for a truly special watch, Patek Philippe pocket pieces are always a good choice.

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