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What Characteristics Does A Dual Time Mechanical Watch Have? - Custom Mens Watches

A dual time watch shows two different time zones on the same dial. The most common is that both are displayed analogically, that is, by means of a system of hands, although there are also models that combine an analog dial and a second digital time zone.

This week we analyze the characteristics of the dual time watch and review some models of the main Swiss Watch Factory watch brands.

What is a dual time watch

A dual time watch is a mechanical piece made up of two independent mechanisms, developed to mark two different times. Dual clocks are used to display the local time of the place where we are, and the time of our usual place of residence. These types of watches are linked to aviation, because pilots needed watches capable of showing a certain time, and a second spindle that depended on where the pilot was.

Over the years dual watches have evolved. It should be noted that many of the usual components that any caliber presents must be duplicated, so that we have two completely independent mechanisms, that is the reason why dual watches have a much higher complication than traditional watches. Today we can find pieces of a very reduced thickness, despite keeping inside a large number of duplicate elements, capable of printing movement to two different spheres.

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Luxury dual time watches

If you travel continuously and need a watch capable of offering you two time zones in the same piece, these are some of the dual time watches from the main Swiss Watches Manufacturer.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Dual Time

Royal Oak is a name linked to the highest quality jewelry. Audemars Piguet has its main watch in the RO model, a demonstration of what Swiss watchmaking has been capable of doing for decades.

The Royal Oak dual time model is a collector's item, a superb watch, which also shows a power reserve, date and also has a second dial at the bottom where we can easily see a second time zone.

Montblanc Vasco de Gama Heritage Chronometrie

Many times we attribute the concept of elegance to well-finished watches, this Montblanc model is, without a doubt, a synonym of maximum elegance and a mechanism that borders on perfection.

A few weeks ago we talked about German watchmaking, in this selection the Montblanc manufacture could not be missing, which has one of its best pieces in this dual model.

Steel and leather are mixed in a watch with sports overtones, but that can boast elegance in each of its details. Another advantage of this watch is its unisex character, it is perfect for any wrist, and it shows a second time zone in a marker at the bottom in the shape of the globe.

Chopard Dual Time

Chopard barrel-shaped watches are a classic. The dual time collection has a simple design, but an extremely complex interior, capable of moving two hand systems, the main one, and a second movement located in the lower part.

Two side crowns allow both mechanisms to be individually manipulated, united by the unmistakable Chopard design.

Richard Mille RM022 Dual Time Tourbillon

Richard Mille continues to produce recognizable designs at first glance. This dual watch allows both mechanisms to be seen in skeleton, which are also compensated by a tourbillon, preventing the effect of gravity itself from causing delays in the movement of its mechanism.

If you are looking for a really special dual watch, which also guarantees total accuracy, Richard Mille has a proposal that, without a doubt, will be right.

Audermars Piguet Classic Dual Time

Talking about Audermars Piguet Classic is already a guarantee of haute horlogerie, if we also integrate two mechanisms and noble materials such as yellow gold into one piece, we are undoubtedly talking about a very special piece.

48-hour power reserve, date indicator and a second movement make this watch a truly spectacular piece.

Patek Philippe Aquanaut Dual Time

Patek Philippe has developed a very simple idea, but coupled with the complexity that accompanies each of his creations. To create a dual time watch, he has added a second hour hand, with which we can check two different times at a glance, without the need for auxiliary dials.

All time zones have the same minutes around the world, so the two hands of this Aquanaut are enough to know the time in two separate time zones.

Vacheron Constantin Malte Dual Time

The Maltese Cross Manufacture presents this classic design, with a 24-hour indicator, a separate dial for a second time zone, and two different dials to display the hours and minutes of the main time zone. If you are looking for a dual time with a different design, but within the classic segment, this Vacheron Constantin is for you.

Rolex Cellini Dual Time

If we talk about complex movements and luxury watches, we cannot forget about Rolex, in this case we have chosen the Cellini Dual Time to show how a simple and clean design can be offered in a tremendously complex piece.

Rolex Ciellini is an insurance when we choose an authentic luxury watch, its dual time model with an independent dial for a second time zone is a perfect watch for any wrist.

Breguet Marine Dual Time

True to its style, Breguet bets on adding a second dial at the bottom to show a second time zone. The reliability of Breguet watches is demonstrated in this piece with an exceptional finish, and with noble materials, which vary in each of its pieces.

These are some of the best dual watches in the world. If you are looking for a dual time watch, at Watches5 Luxury Watches Manufacturer they offer you a selection of watches with a double indicator. If you want to know their complete offer, come and visit at

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