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A Watch Born From A Motorway Crossroads - Wristwatch Factory

If you are looking for a Swiss Watch Factory watch that will captivate lovers of these accessories, take a look at the Ellipse d'Or collection by Patek Philippe, an article that stands out for the aesthetic balance that it shows thanks to the harmonic arrangement of its components and that, according to one of the existing theories about its birth, could use a highway junction as a reference.

The innovative geometry and a proportion that follows the traditional principle of the "golden rule", based on the measurement of 1/1.6181 extracted from the mathematics of the referents in the matter of Ancient Greece.

This same principle has been a reference for other subjects, such as architecture or art in the different stages of humanity.

Half a century of the Ellipse d'Or

This market has always been marked by fashions and trends, but it has been shown that firms that bet on highlighting their traditional attributes achieve great success among the public that loves watches that have made history.

Barbados Watch Company

This model celebrated half a century of history in 2018 and this benchmark firm in the watchmaking sector celebrated it by launching a special edition of this mythical version on the market.

In fact, it is the second model with the longest history of Patek Philippe, only surpassed by the Calatrava, which emerged in 1932.

The Ellipse d'Or was born in 1968 at a key moment in this market in Switzerland, a country with a long tradition in the manufacture of quality watches, since it was in these times when the different Swiss watch brands experienced a significant boost, with a boom in its product manufacturing capacity, before which luxury competitors such as Patek Philippe had to react and launched this model that broke with the conventional shapes and finishes of the time.

The golden rule

The Greek mathematicians, with their golden or golden rule, as this formula is also known, were the precursors of the consolidation of harmony and balance in the format of this design.

Following the base of the golden number or Phi (1.6181), the conformation of the case is achieved in sophisticated measures for the case, with an elliptical format whose origin is, to say the least, curious.

A watch born from a highway junction

In addition to the Greek mathematical principle, there is a second theory, which suggests that the head of the firm's Electronics department at the time was inspired by an oval-shaped highway junction that he saw on a business flight in the United States.

Whatever its origin, the truth is that this watch has been one of the protagonists of these articles that come from a country with a long tradition in this market.

What is the Ellipse d'Or like?

This model does not have anchors for the strap, its bezel is very thin and the dial is the highlight for its sobriety and cleanliness.

Although so many years have passed since its launch, it is a model that adapts perfectly to current tastes, considering itself an ultra-flat article, which does not exceed 6.58 mm.

Another of the details that has most conquered its users is the blue gold of its dial, a detail that has become the emblem of this collection.

Its success in the international market was instantaneous, being a reference in the varied catalog of this firm. Many celebrities have shown their love for these Luxury Watches Manufacturer watches, among which Donald Trump stands out.

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