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The NBA 2K22 evaluations change all through the season

Giant Slayer - Boosts the shot's probability of shots that are not matched against a taller player and NBA 2K MT lowers the likelihood of being blocked. Grace Under Pressure (new) gives a boost to standing shots that happen close to the basket.
Hook Specialist gives a boost to hooks on the post taken from any distance. Limitless Takeoff (new) when attempting to get into the basket, a player with this badge will start their dunk or layup gather from farther out than others. Lob City Finisher - Enhances the odds of successfully completing an alley-oop layup or dunk.
Mouse In The House (new) The mouse will attack a smaller defender it will have greater chance of finishing. Post Spin Technician – Attempting to execute post spins and drives can result in more efficient movements and a lesser possibility of being removed.
Posterizer increases the likelihood of hitting in a dunk at your opponent. Pro Touch - Gives an extra shot boost if you are slightly earlier, slightly later, or excellent shot timing for layups. Putback Boss - Enables putback dunks, and increases the shooting abilities of a player that attempts to layback or dunk just after receiving an offensive rebound.
Rise Up - Increases the likelihood of the ball being dunked when playing in paint. Slithery Finisher - Improves an athlete's ability to move through traffic without causing contact gathers and finishes at the edge Cheap NBA 2K22 MT. Tear Dropper improves the ability of players to knock down floaters as well as runners. Non-strippable (new) - When attacking the basket while performing the layup or dunk the chance of being stripped are decreased.
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