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Collection Versus Custom Watches - Luxury Watches Factory

Watchmaking is a specialized skill requiring experienced architectures to create each component in the draft design process for a crafty technician to then create it. Although machines have recently assisted the watch manufacturing process, market demands sometimes outpace machine utilization, especially when custom designs come into play. This is because a Watches Factory will operate one of two ways: either produce a collection line or a one-of-a-kind watch. The latter is nearly impossible to do with machines. Thus, the price of custom watches can pass that of collection pieces.

Collection Model

An ODM Watch Manufacturer is a manufacturer that produces original watch designs and products. From conception to development, ODM manufacturers follow features of collections of the parent company rather than clients’ specifications. In other words, ODM manufacturers are the suppliers of name-brand watch collections. Retailers know well that ODM manufacturers can easily supply large quantities for an entire range collection at lower costs.

Watch Vendors

ODM Subcategories

On the one hand, ODM manufacturers will sticker final products as private labels. Usually, private label items will be sent to an end customer company (i.e., B2C). On the other hand, a final product could be white labeled. Generic products manufactured by factories are then shipped to other companies (i.e., B2B). Once the receiving company gets those generic products, they resale them as their own.

Custom Model

A Custom Watch Manufacturer is known as an OEM or original equipment manufacturer. Factories sell OEMs based on buyers’ specifications, which makes them more unique. However, even though these watches can be custom-made, OEM watches will still be stamped by the designer or trademark. Given that OEM watches are cheaper to create, their designs also allow for low-cost modifications. Typically, OEMs favor business owners representing multi-national entities or start-ups.

Watchful Considerations

Suppose a company has enough resources to conduct developmental research and a time-to-market strategy. OEM would be highly recommended for financially qualified businesses. Contrarily, suppose resources and time are not affluent characteristics of a company’s endeavors or product line. In that case, ODM is the option for that company. Likewise, consumers, where if an individual has the money and time, should contemplate directly reaching out to an OEM to create their next wrist accessory. OEM is also available online through eCommerce channels that allow some modifications and reconfigurations to existing products to create a custom watch somewhat. Otherwise, consumers are left buying from retailers at a marked-up price of the original manufacturer's cost.

Creativity or Productivity

The main benefit that original equipment manufacturers have is that business owners and independent designers have complete creative control of the entire watchmaking process. In comparison, original design manufacturers focus more on reliable, on-time supply of watches. For branding, OEM is the go-to choice. Contrastingly, if a business owner or designer continues a watch line, ODM would benefit them more. However, given market demands, some ODMs have the availability to make slight modifications. Generally speaking, ODM is for creating generic products, even if generic watches are later stamped as a name-brand item.

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