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Terrence Ross co-host for The T.Ross Podcast

According to the release, the tournament Madden 22 coins will be supported with the help of EA Games, the developer of the Madden franchise, and will include Madden players and celebrity content creators and content creators.

The event will take place live on the Full Sail University Orlando Health Fortress The largest college sports arena in the United States. The qualifying rounds are scheduled to be conducted on the internet, and the top finalists will be granted a trip to Florida for the finals.

Terrence Ross, co-host for The T.Ross Podcast , and NBA Slam Dunk Champion, said: "Being in the position in my life to host a real Madden Esports event was an easy decision. Making this happen with the help of our co-host Jose from KL? and the entire team in Full Sail University in Orlando where the live game will take place and it's been a perfect combination for an event that no one has previously held before!"

Full Sail University focuses on courses that deal with media, entertainment, arts and technology. The school also has its own Esports group called The Full Sail Armada that plays its home games at the Full Sail University Orlando Health Fortress.

A single Full Sail student will also receive mut coins cheap a $5,000 scholarship through the tournament, according to the announcement. Students will also get the opportunity to 'shadow' members of the production team , and get to know more about the production process from direct experience during the tournament.
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