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There are other new events designed to get you started as well

In celebration of the launch the game, there are a variety of activities designed to Lineage 2M Diamonds help players and their clans step up and prepare for epic battles. The event for clans, A Blood-sworn Protest, starts today and continues until the 14th of December. 
Clans can earn rankings and huge rewards. Another brand-new event, Road to level 40 starts today, and is designed to encourage players to get better and prepare their classes in preparation for multiple battles ahead. There are other new events designed to get you started as well.
With breathtakingly stunning graphics and fast-paced gameplay, Lineage2M is high on the list of everyone's most-anticipated mobile games that will be released before the end in the calendar year. The forthcoming Lineage title is set to release for PC along with mobile platforms on December 2nd and, with the release date getting closer and the predownload just one week away Below are a few reasons to be looking forward to playing NCSOFT's latest MMORPG.
It's based on the classic Lineage 2 release on PC, Lineage2M is set to have a powerful backend that lets players experience the most powerful capabilities that mobile can provide, with stunning visuals and near complete loading speeds. Whatever location the player chooses to explore, all of the wonders of Aden will be accessible to be explored without annoying delays or lags.
Perhaps the most remarkable thing is that Lineage 2 Mobile Diamonds will permit more than 10,000 players to take part in the ultimate 3D battle from one location - absolutely no lags, delays, or delays to disrupt your experience.
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