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Dak has to pass for 400 yards and/or gain an interception

Dak Prescott is amongst the Dak Prescott's 91 OVR Gameday All-Stars in the buy Mut 22 coins Thanksgiving promo. Dak's card includes the Improviser archetype. It comes with the Throw Under Pressure 91, 90 Run, 90 Deep Accuracy along with 90 Short Accuracy. Some other Gameday All-Stars are Eddie Jackson (Bears), T.J. Hockenson (Lions), and Hunter Renfrow (Raiders).
The case for Eddie Jackson, if the Bears keep their opponents to less than 350 yards in offense, Jackson gets a +1 OVR. If he makes an interception during the game, he could also get an extra OVR. Thus, Jackson can get up to 93 OVR.
Hockenson's targets include him catching three passes and/or scoring two touchdowns. For Renfrow to be successful, he must have 50 receiving yards or get two touchdowns. Dak has to pass for 400 yards and/or gain an interception. Each of these is worth a +2 OVR boost, with players able to reach up close to 93 OVR maximum.
There's one less member in the Madden 99 club entering week 9 in the NFL season.The video game franchise announced the most recent round of player updates following the Week 8 results. Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes decreased one point in his overall ranking to an 98.
Mahomes, who happens to share with Tom Brady on the Madden page in buy mut coins madden 22 the same game with Tom Brady for this year's game, hasn't shown his usual self-assured self this year.Nobody in the league has thrown more than 10 interceptions. 
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