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It is an actual PvP king of the hill

TzHaar Fight Pit (Safe). It is an actual PvP king of OSRS GP the hill. Every player is thrown into a single arena where they fight against each other to receive Tokkul reward and the status that comes with being a Fight Pit champion (required for hard Karamja diary). Although this mini game is PvP designed, it's totally safe. The players who die in the Pit will not lose their equipment and are not punished in any other way.

Bounty Hunter (Risky). If you've ever been to Wilderness you've probably observed that after crossing the border you get a target you have to take down. This is what Bounty Hunter operates. Every player in the Wilderness gets assigned a object that they have to be able to eliminate. When you have successfully eliminated the target, you're awarded with an emblem that can be expensive. Additionally you receive a loot that your opponent drops. Make sure to remember that it is very dangerous minigame and you risk losing everything you have equipped.

Barrows (Risky). The most well-known among the. Barrows is a minigame located in the vicinity of Morytania swamps where player comes across graveyard which contains labyrinth. Within those tunnels, players can discover the Barrows Brothers who were buried there long before.

By defeating ghosts buy OSRS gold said brothers players can receive generous rewards in the form Barrows gear such as gold coins, ranes, and other valuable items. The mini-game is considered as one of the best money makers as it does not require the highest level of skill and can reward players with a great amount of prizes. If you're looking to learn more about Barrows make sure you check out the OSRS Barrows Guide.
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