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This will let you utilize the High Alchemy spell

This will let you utilize the High Alchemy spell on staves and armor . This spell is used to transform items into gold. You won't need to rush to OSRS Gold the market to sell your possessions after the inventory is full. Remember that this strategy requires running wild and as it's in a PVP zone, you may be caught by other players - bring only what you require.

Although we labeled this method as a risky one it isn't likely to be injured by other players undertaking this kind of work. The factor that can kill you here is the extreme heat in the desert, coupled with obstacles that could harm your body. It's an agility course but as with any other course of agility with obstacles, failure could cost you hitpoints. Because of that, your health might get low and you may even suffer from heat in the desert when you do not use it at the right time. It is also what you need a weapon for. Cutting cactus growing near pyramid you can collect water to fill your water snuffers that are empty. With this method, the only threat to your characters life is the memory.

Before beginning this process, make sure to equip all of the weight-reducing equipment you own (like for example, the Graceful Outfit) - you should be as light as you can (less than 10kg of equipment is sufficient). Now that you're prepared, make your way to Pollnivneach by taking the Magic Carpet in Shantay Pass.

When you reach the village, begin running to the south, until you reach The Agility Pyramid. Here you will find NPC Simon Templeton. Discuss with him what's on the Pyramid Top and after the conversation go into the Pyramid Course. If your Agility is over 51, you shouldn't face difficulties with obstacles.

If you've been able to reach the top of the Pyramid take the item lying there and walk back to the NPC who you've previously met with. Now , he will pay 10k gold per Pyramid Top that you bring him. Repeat this process for all the time you like.

To begin, you'll need to get into the Great Kourend which can be obtained via boat at Port Sarim. After arriving at the port, talk to Cheap RuneScape Gold Veos who is sitting south of the inn. Ask him to transport you to Port Piscarilius. From there, travel towards the west until you come across Kourend Castle. In front of the castle's gates you will find a big oval obelisk. You can look it up to enter the cave.

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