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The defense of the computer AI is more efficient and violent

Current gen will also Cheap 2K22 MT receive some new badges with the 2K21 gen. Be on the watch for the badges in MyCareer! On September 10, the basketball-related New Year's merchandise NBA 2K22 arrived as scheduled. To satisfy the different players, NBA 2K22 this year still employs two versions: the current and the upcoming generation.

This generation version is no not the sole central focus on NBA 2K22 development, and the next-generation version that came out in the second season actually has many changes and enhancements. The new version of NBA 2K22 may not be perfect in real play but you can still feel that NBA 2K22 has matured and has more features than previous year's NBA 2K21.

The character action speed of NBA 2K22 is much more rapid than NBA 2K21 in the game experience. The "skating" feeling of characters modeling in the arena isn't evident, but the coherence and fluid movements will enable players to feel closer to the real-world experience of a basketball game. The rapidity of the character's movements has greatly changed the feel of the game at both sides of the offense and defense.

The shooting speed is higher and those who shoot in the past must also take some time to learn the new shooting experience. The vertical version of the shooting bar was restored for series players.

The defense of the computer AI is more efficient and violent. It also has faster and more powerful back defense , as well as supplementary defensive actions. This reduces the success rate for strong jumps, pick-and-roll cuts, and other high stakes moves. The players may have to employ more complicated tactics in order to make the offense run more efficiently.

The biggest change in 2K22's Buy NBA 2K22 MT next generation is the "City of Basketball" in the mode of MC. In 2K18, the "City of Basketball", in NBA 2K22 is reintroduced to the mode of community. The main plotline is integrated with the "Basketball City" which allows players to expand their businesses through additional projects, such as music and fashion trends. You can become a NBA player by combining the qualities of intelligence as well as morality, physical strength, and creativity.

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