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It is relied upon to rain in Runescape from time to time

You can't ignore the fact that there will always be people who try to downplay others' achievements by labeling them as 'nolifers or "nerds". It's an interesting issue because it takes more time and effort for the same skill as a a member Old School RS Gold. Unless an unfair comparism has been created.
However, there is a common argument that for those skills that require money more frequently (such for cooking or making fire), members also spend some time earning the money needed to buy the necessary materials to power-level the skill, which transforms the debate into "Members make money faster, so they are able to spend less time (assuming that time is equal to the amount of money) compared to a pf2p that earns money slower. It can be difficult, since multiple variations are involved. So, to make things clear I'll outline the arguments that each side is entitled to.
P2P-Earns more money in general. P2P earns money more quickly than pf2ps. They get green drags, different skills like slayer, as well with more money to purchase merchandise using. They have faster training methods. Big bones being buried is nothing compared to gold-plated altars. This means you can achieve a 99 in skills which make use of money better than other skills.
PF2P-Earns more money slowly. The most efficient method (shortest of merching) is likely to be to mine rune rock. This is very slow and potentially risky RS Gold Buy. Or, you could cut things (cockroach soldiers or yews). On an hourly basis, someone who is a PF2P will make less money by using the fastest money-making methods as compared to the P2P.
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