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In the modern world, racials have become not really

Although no one has been able to swap characters with WOW TBC Gold other characters but they could have should they feel that the queues would be long enough.

The argument against server transfers is relevant for switching sides. It's difficult to tell what percentage of the population can support raiding for a long time or any other content. While there may be a shorter wait duration, you will not be able fill every kara raid within some months. Although it's the same server, each side has a completely different growth rate and player mentality. What could be the solution if server transfers were not for similar issues (queue times)?

Additionally "I want to play with my buddies" is an excellent argument because again the problem isn't with the individual server player population and this is mostly affecting open world pvp. It's more the balance of battlegrounds group populations and the desire to be part of the. And especially the last part is an enormous issue because each region is in a fairly balanced stated overall and is part of a battlegroup that includes the rest of the battlegroup, yet expirencing 4-5 times the queue times, and then joining alliance.

It's a complete flimsy. The initial Blizzard devs acknowledged that not fixing imbalance in racial attitudes was a mistake prior to that. Every Man For Himself impressively demonstrated this, and the our current situation is the direct consequence of this that everyone particularly Horde players have witnessed being viewed from miles away. The only ones who do not care too much about racials are people doing casual pve on PVE servers.

It's hard to believe, as only on servers with pvp, the balance tends to be heavily tilted towards the horde throughout all regions. Blood elves are 1. "pretty" 2. Horde, in which you don't have to fight against racials. offer better racials in pvp over Draenei, their Alliance counterpart. People will of course play them. They were created to tilt the population towards horde.

In the modern world, racials have become not really relevant unless you're maxing for 0.5 percent. It was likely to be referring to the fact that alliance players find themselves constantly being cheated by legends (taking more losses than Horde, and other things).

The majority of the buy Burning Crusade Classic Gold player base also horde since that's what the majority of the biggest raiding guilds are (unless you're oceanic, which oddly is the reverse).
on July 20 at 10:14 PM

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