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It's silly that so much development time

Agree. I do think there's an element of the WOW TBC Classic Gold devs fooling themselves into thinking their"systems" and articles are at least kind of pleasure. They certainly"overdesign", starting with the benefits and working backward from there instead of really thinking if those systems themselves are enjoyable.

However, in BFA, everyone understood Azerite armor was trash in beta and blizzard said dont worry we've got fixes in shop. In Beta shamans were dreadful and had several bugs and problems which weren't addressed. The first tier comes around and instead of them fixing shamans they say the initial patch Shamans will probably be fixed. So they made insect fixing shamans a material attribute in the first significant patch in an effort to keep people subscribed or bring them back to the game.

Wouldn't expanding upon a system instead of scrapping it and doing anything else be better to them? They would save time not having to plan a completely different system, and most of the time that the system they are actually already using, they've only spent annually fixing. Why go through this cycle again instead of using the fixed system.

As much as BFA was awful, the HoA wasn't a bad system when they secured it up and they could have easily done more with that moving into Shadowlands. Hippity hoppity that the HoA now absorbs anima congratz problem solved we don't need to scrap it for something different again.

Why have we gone through 4 iterations of all garrisons now? Why don't you just base it SW/ORG and enlarge it with every new xpac instead of moving from Garrisons into Order Halls to this fucking ship to Covenants. Take a garrison type instance in SW/ORG. Plan about it being used longer term, new expansion released and you can construct the expansion specific building that'll advance the story. Or the NPCs just appear to advance the story. Having it as instance from the big cities will fix the"everyone is in their garrison" problem.

It's silly that so much development time has spent on expansion specific material. Island expeditions. Warfronts. Like at what stage in development did they decide to give up on warfronts? Or when they figure out that warfronts were not likely to work as planned. It turned out to be a significant feature of the bfa growth and imo was mostly a dud of a feature. It could have been just so much better but only turned into a slog festival of buy WOW Burning Crusade Classic Gold azerite grinding. It is a huge waste of money to design a system that only continues an expansion.
on July 10 at 01:56 AM

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