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It's hard to go against the Legion circlejerk

God, I have PTSD from legendary farming in WOW TBC Gold Legion. I had been a frost DK and also to really hit the numbers I had to be pulling, you HAD to have this epic. I wanna say it had been some bracers? I conducted Nighthold over and over. For months. I wound up quitting for some time and came back at the end of BFA.

I was primary tank to get a guild for half WoD doing mythic. The guild fell me as a major tank in Emerald Nightmare since the sole legendary I was able to get (even though I did all potential cultivation ) was sephiz secret. Confidentially it was also mythic ursoc where they fell me.

I understand Legion is one of the expansions people adore but holy shit do people forget that it had almost all the problems BfA had, it just concealed everything by throwing electricity in the player and ended in a halfway good state. It even had the same class difficulties, Warlocks were dreadful until 7.3.5. It's actually the only expansion that made me hang my Warlock and that I mained demonstration in WoD. I honestly don't know what Blizzard is thinking with class balance these days but every single expansion appears to have something seriously broken class-wise that takes at least a year to fix.

Where did I say classic was the savior of this MMO gaming. There's a stark difference in just how classic keeps you playing vs retailstores. The thought being retail is manner of keep you enjoying is based from metrics gathered by Blizzard and dictated by Blizzard and their high ups at which Classic's way to maintain you playing is bread crumbs in which you truly advance towards jobs. Ill consider classic's method of farming shit knowing I will eventually get it in my weekend away versus Retails"return in 3 months straight before your sub expires to get the next story piece."

It's hard to go against the Legion circlejerk however legendarys, AP, and titanforging were the worst thing to ever occur to WoW. They have been met with enormous positive feedback on 3 of the oddest systems ever put in the game. I was a raid logger and Legion completely snuffed out the entire way I played the match.

That's among the biggest reasons I fell Destiny 2, that and the ridiculous price of their expansions and also the season moves that had hardly any value in their reward tiers, only zero to look forward to and get excited about. Seeing QOL upgrades being touted as selling points was the last nail, however. Manipulative and buy WOW TBC Classic Gold sleezy and lazy, absolutely fucking idle and that I have zero qualms stating that.
on July 02 at 11:54 PM

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