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Swordcross itself, as it's a large area, has quite varied conditions |

Swordcross itself, as it's a large area, has quite varied conditions and OSRS Gold   terrain onto it. There are also several buildings to walk right into and two other areas of the island, both beneath and above. The mainland is the one using the varied terrain, acquiring a wasteland, a rather pretty forest, a grassy plain, a swamp, snowy mountains, and possibly others. On the primary portion of the island, anyone you fight must be within 20 levels of you. The majority of it is a Single-combat area, but there are a number of multi-combat spots.
Underneath Swordcross is a large cavern area. The caverns will also be marginally diverse depending on which regions of the island they're under. The caverns are more harmful than the main island-- the level gap is greater. Fighters can have a 25 level difference in the caverns.
The caverns additionally hold the most dangerous monsters on Swordcross, even though they're the least of the worries and won't attack you if you are engaged in PvP battle. Swordcross also includes five quite tall towers which take you on a lift to a very strange part of the island. The Cloud-Zone.
The Cloud Zone is a very strange place, you're in fact able to walk on the clouds... and fight them. The Cloud Zone has the least amount of interruptions and arrangements, but that is not to say there are none. It is also the least dangerous portion of Swordcross, as it has weak monsters and Cheap RS Gold has a level gap of 10. The Cloud Zone can also be the sole way of escaping the island in PvP mode, which will be explained later. This should depend on if Jagex wants to make it a member or free location. Because I suggest free, I'll try and make it so it is available to players that are free.
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