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Alright well I think you guys should add a few thoughts |

well. . .what else...? ....if you get caught trying to steal from someone you'll get dealt with OSRS Gold a crtain ammount of dammage based on what your opponents theif level is indeed in the event that you get captured by a lvl 80 you could get hit by like. . .maybe. . .like one forht (or less) of his theiving lvl and this WOULD be a SAFE mini-game.
Alright well I think you guys should add a few thoughts if you would like to don't hesitate to add your thoughts BUT PLEASE DON"T FLAME it took me a long time to think of all the datails of this mini-game.
I understood about 1 percent of what you're trying to say, head clearing it up? Also explain why we need ANOTHER Thieving (Pyramid Plunder) minigame? Okay there is going to be a large bilding and 3 portals that you simply enter ther is a lvl 1-30 portal site a lvl 30-60 portal and a lvl 60-99 portal and when you enter it you'll be in an arena in which you steal from other players.
In the main building where the portals that you enter are, you will see a giant black portal that, when you click it says"deposite in portal?" An dif you click yes it is possible to deposite any items inside and an item in the portal is going to be teled to a different players stock that has only entered the stadium.
When you get a product in you inv. AND NOTE THIS if you have a low theiving lvl and it is not difficult to steal from you, you'll get an item of lesser value than a player with Cheap RS Gold high theiving. For example if you were a level 25 theif you could get a rune scim on your inentory and if you're a lvl 90 theif you might get a dchain (it obviously depends on what other gamers are depositin ginto the deposit portal) Ok now I will explain how you play this sport.
on April 25 at 08:48 PM

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