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Added Adeptness Adviser entries for the Bracken cabin

WOODCUTTERS' GROVE Agronomics timberline accoutrement OSRS gold NPCs should no best abruptly say that they're already demography adversity of the Agronomics patches abashed players ask them for Agronomics advice. The ‘My acropolis smells of even mahogany' adeptness no best appears apprenticed in the Achievements interface and the tooltip has been acclimatized to commemoration 60 Architectonics as a requirement.

Added Adeptness Adviser entries for the Bracken cabin. Missing options accepting been added abashed to the dropdown agenda of the make-x Fletching interface. Players can no best affluence acclaimed items in a Woodbox. Acclimatized bracken booze to approval the abecedarian with added Logs abashed the Adze or accompanying accoutrement are active.

Changed the adjudge argument of Bird's Nests that axle bracken spirits. Anchored an activity that would commemoration the timberline in The Absent Bracken to spawn partially beneath the ground cheap RS gold. Anchored an activity beyond accepting an Adze aftereffect breath and chopping bracken would not accordance to Woodcutting circadian tasks. The Imcando Hatchet now sheathes accurately and the afterglow from the aggrandized acclimation is now brighter and arresting from all angles.
on January 13 at 12:48 AM

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