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I believe we've somehow gotten

We need to get swarming on the guys we're going to form the guild WoTLK Gold . the guild today with l of money, do you know what you know what C S means within Tower fantasy? It's not actually a combat score. It's money spent. Come on up here, and we're going create a guild, it will be necessary to unite to build this establishment. I'm guessing that the tabloids' 10 goals
I do not have 10 gold, I believe we've somehow gotten it. We have to get this put together but it's not there yet.
Let's go need to start hustling? True? True, true true. I still remember the first time that they added this hairstyle to the game. I made my character adopt this hairstyle. And I haven't changed it ever again.
And I was so young , I was about the age of 18-19 that I believed I could grow my hair out long and have this hairstyle in real life, because I believed it would be cool. Little did I realize that the future had other plans. Let's start by inviting everyone to come on over here Yeah true. Let's go unaided after all. Yep, there we go. Good.
Now, just for one second and let me know how much it is for an equivalence of a Gil. What is the best way to form a guild purchase at 10 Silver guys? Listen. Life bless you. It's time to get together. I need 10 silver. I'm looking for one silver from everyone, if everyone exchanges one silver, I will be enough. Yep Please, please.
Let's meet everyone Yeah, and if you're not here, if you're not able to see me, all of you if you see somebody here invite me 35 people on the an incorrect layer. If you're on trade chat and we've seen people doing it. Let's examine this. Let's go invite to Asman layer, let's do it. Gentlemen. Get ready everyone. Everyone come over. If you happen to see anyone on trade chat, for them to join if you are able to see me here. Come on, guys. Let's go. We are using Skype. I'm not
want that horseshit. What's this? Let's send those invites out as monolayer Come on guys. The first world-first TABBERT you'll be the first to experience the first-ever TABBERT in the world. this thing okay, great. Nothing cut me. I'm not immortal. Now. Let's relax. Okay, I've made enough money today. I've got the money now.
Okay, yo yo, chill, chill, chill, chill, and chill. Okay, let's bring everyone in here first. If you're in the room and aren't in a group , start inviting other people on trade chat so we can bring everyone to the same level. We need like there's a lot of people that are trying to make it to the Asman layer at the moment, okay. And they're not able to get there. you need to cheap WoTLK Classic Gold  aid them in getting there. Let's start selling invites to layer invitations at whatever they can do. Boy Amiga you leader again This was really annoying.
on November 08 at 08:07 PM

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