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Holy cow! R1 shots were already totally

In FC 24 Ultimate Team, there were some cool special cards of EA FC 24 Coins  Rangers. TOTS James Tavernier and Showdown Conner Goldson were a popular hyper-link for the defence. These two players will also get an upgrade for FC 24 from us, but have a look for yourself:
Glasgow Rangers are getting some upgrades, let's go! Tavernier, Goldson, Kamara and also Hagi will get awesome FC cards. Yes, chill, these are not premium FUT cards, but if you start a career with Rangers or just play online seasons, you will have fun with these guys.
Celtic became Scottish champions last season in a very confident manner. In FC, Celtic's cards and players are not nearly as well known as Rangers'. In reality, however, Celtic seem to be slightly ahead at the moment, at least in terms of current form.
All FC players are eagerly waiting for the latest updates for FC 24, desperately waiting for the gameplay to be patched. We have all the information about the latest Title Updates for FC 24. What is in the Patch Notes? What are the latest Pitch Notes? This article will be updated regularly to keep you up to date.In FUT, the end of the season has begun. 
The Pre-Season event brings us rewards for the next FC. We'll show you what changes are noticeable in the game and which patch notes are released this time. Oh, and before we forget: We have every important news for FC 24 for you. What changes in FC 24 with Title Update 17?
Before huge changes will come in FUT 23, we get an small patch for FUT once more and also Pro Clubs gets a mini update. The original version of the official announcement for Title Update 17 can be found here. Title Update 16 brought some minor patches as well – Title Update 14 was huge in comparison.
The FC year is coming to an end. After the Title Update 13 at the beginning of June only made some bux fixes, this time we get a huge gameplay update! There is a new skill move, new knuckleball animations, auto blocks have been nerfed and low driven shots and R1 shots have been buffed. 
Holy cow! R1 shots were already totally op, and now they get even better. Also, skill  buy FC 24 Coins moves can now be executed faster, it's going to be so sweaty, I'm telling you! Increased the distance between the defender and the ball carrier when the defender is requested to Contain or Teammate Contain.
on October 31 at 08:56 PM

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