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This area will add a new primary quest

Fergusson stated that as players progress and Diablo IV Gold deeper into their characters "the costs of in-game currency to respect is increasing eventually, you'll get to the point where you've got a level 90 Barbarian and instead of altering my character, it's best to roll a fresh Barbarian and then start from scratch."
Diablo Immortal will soon receive its second major update on the 14th day of December. The update, named Terror's Tide, brings tons of new content to the game, notably the very first post-launch region, named Stormpoint. This area will add a new primary quest, new monsters, and bosses to Diablo Immortal. It will also include content which will surely keep players working hard.
The Terror's Tide update for Diablo Immortal includes new content that'll interest experienced players as well as those just beginning their journey. Additionally, every server can be configured to an Server Paragon Level of 320 (if they're not at that level) as well as the maximum rewards for players who are that are lower Server Paragon Level have been multiplied by two. Because Stormpoint is a new zone that Stormpoint zone will only be accessible to players at the level 60, having reached Hell Difficulty III and completed the Starsign quest, these changes should allow lower-leveled players to get access to the new content quickly.
Higher-level players will also get a boost from changes to Paragon system and Hell Difficulties. The Hell system is getting three brand new Difficulties are on the way (VI VII, VI VIII and VII) along with three brand new Paragon Trees. Paragon Trees are also set to unlock when you complete different Hell challenges to make the progression more satisfying.
Hell Difficulties are also seeing changes to earlier levels. Players can join parties to Difficulties I-IV, and the new Difficulties are obtained by defeating bosses. Additionally, rewards from Helliquary bosses have been adapted to Hell Difficulty thus higher Hell Difficulties will earn greater rewards.
Terror's Tide will also offer an array of other content, including five new Legendary Gems, the option to customize your character's appearance as well as skill and item rework with bug fixes, as well as the launch of a brand new Battle Pass.
The upcoming update will be a welcome sight for both long-term as well as new Diablo Immortal players. You can expect many hours of gameplay If you're willing to put up with the greedy revenue stream, and the frequent updates that keep things interesting. Don't forget that a lot of the buy Diablo 4 Gold Immortal alternatives on the market aren't pay-to win.
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