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Nba2king NBA 2K23 :We have spotted some inventory items

If you're experiencing a nagging freeze issue on NBA 2K23 MyCAREER, we've an opportunity to help since a solution is identified.Whether the root cause appears to be related to 2K23 MT the Palace Intrigue or Courting Calloway quest We've got a solution for you if you're NBA 2K23 MyCAREER is facing this glitch.How to fix the NBA MyCAREER freeze problem, cannot play the next game.
Although there are some wonderful things to be said about NBA 2K23 MyCAREER this year with its exciting quests, such as The Cole World, some players have been experiencing issues with an extremely serious bug.We have experienced this issue in our own NBA 2K23 MyCAREER save, and it's been reported that it occurs when you try to play the next NBA game that causes an all-game freeze.
After trying a variety of techniques, we've discovered one that works and has removed your frozen MyCAREER save.It seems like the issue is linked to the clothing your MyPLAYER is wearing , and the freeze occurs just before the pre-game fashion-walk triggers.Shop now: Officially licensed NBA Apparel & Gear at the NBA Store.This glitch has occurred for players who are working on the Palace Intrigue and Courting Calloway quests in The City, so it's unclear which one is the source of the issue.
We have spotted some inventory items like seen in the below image that have signs with plus signs that suggest an additional brand reward, however they are missing the icon, and certain items linked to previous quests might have caused this.Before playing our next NBA match, we took away the following items:We aren't sure the specific item that caused the issue, but they do appear to be the culprit. Calloway's Court items seem most likely as they had most recently been received.
In any case, if you're suffering from this bug you're playing Courting Calloway or Palace Intrigue quests, we recommend taking all of them off during the game restart to determine whether this can resolve the bug.For us, these changes did keep the game freeze from happening and allowed the MyCAREER save to continue without issue.2K will likely release an update soon with a more permanent fix and this fix will prevent the issue until that time.
NBA 2K23's MyCAREER isn't complete without The Neighborhood This year, for Current Gen consoles (PS4. Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch), The Neighborhood will be aboard The G.O.A.T. Boat. The luxury cruise ship is equipped with more Buy 2K23 MT courts as well as new adventures, much like last time's Cancha del Mar.
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