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P2Pah WOTLK Classic: The only thing remaining of the Consensus

In the end, we concluded our journey through the Endless Night WOTLK Gold with the help of Eliksni. But it didn't totally reduce tensions. In the final scene, we witnessed the effects of Lakshmi's sarcasm. In claiming she had the aid of Osiris She used Future War Cult technology to create a portal to the Vex within the city's Eliksni quarter, with the hope that the invaders would be destroyed. In the final battle several major players from the Vanguard and all around the City joined forces to protect the city of Eliksni and stop the Vex assault.
There are a lot of significant changes to come as a result of the close this season. Lakshmi was killed during the Vex attack. Members of the Future War Cult have scattered and so have her followers who are part of New Monarchy, another of the factions. The third group, Dead Orbit, has left the City also although it did not take part at all in the coup. This means that as well as Lakshmi We won't see Arach Jalaal, or even Executor Hideo in the Tower in the near future.
Three factions were component of Destiny since the very first game launched, first appearing in an event known as Faction Rally, in which players were required to pledge their the loyalty of one group in exchange for exclusive weapons and equipment. Faction Rally hasn't been a part of World of Warcraft for years however, and this story's development has more or less confirmed the fact that there hasn't been factions for some time.
What's fascinating, however, is how the absence of factions could mean for the future of Destiny. Future War Cult, Dead Orbit along with New Monarchy were three groups which, together with the military leadership of the Vanguard and the Speaker formed the Consensus, which was in essence the administration for the Last City. The groups were the civilians of the City, however, they've been eliminated while the Speaker got murdered in World of Warcraft vanilla. 
The only thing remaining of the Consensus now is the Vanguard and this could result in the government in a state of desperation within the City. This could strain an already stretched Vanguard that is now required to fulfill any governmental duties that were previously left on the various factions. Because of how fascinating the politicking within cities was during the Season of the Splicer, asking how citizens of the City decide to govern themselves -- or not-- could create some cheap WOW WOTLK Classic Gold  fascinating scenarios that could be in World of Warcraft 's future.
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