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Cleveland Browns receiver Jordan Cameron

The Jaguars began off to Mut 23 coins an exciting start to the game. On their first play, they went for it on fourth down and were rewarded with a touchdown from 62 yards Danny Noble. Arizona quickly struck back with a 14-yard score to Larry Fitzgerald, but the Jaguars went back to the field. Maurice Jones-Drew punched it in from the goal line to give the Jaguars an 8-7 advantage. Carson Palmer led a drive late in the 2nd quarter. the Cardinals scored a tie with a 5-yard run by Rashard Mendenhall. Both teams entered halftime tied 14-14.
The Cardinals gained the lead at the beginning of the third quarter by scoring a field goal. They opened the game after the next drive when Carson Palmer hooked up with Michael Floyd for a 91-yard score. It's the longest pass that's been played in Madden NFL 23 the season. No team was able to accomplish something noteworthy in the fourth quarter , and the Cardinals won another victory.
In this stream Madden NFL 23 score Week 11: Live coverage, scores, highlights & more Weather adjustments help Week 11 winners Cards put away Jaguars Lions fumble fake field goal. View all 76 stories Browns the WR Jordan Cameron: Don't blame Jason Campbell for recent struggles
Cleveland Browns receiver Jordan Cameron says it's the attention to opposing defenses instead of problems with quarterback Jason Campbell that has slowed him down over the last few weeks, according to the May Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.
"I have to increase the speed of things and need to find a method to cheap madden 23 coins make myself open",'' added Cameron. "I should try to join the team and contribute more. I must step up and make plays and do all I can for this team. This is what I want to do.''
on March 14 at 09:26 PM

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