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This is why I was shocked to see such a large

The deal was Mut 23 coins approved and this was despite a vocal opposition of veteran players on social media and within the union. There is discussion of players choosing to vote in light due to the current environment with the coronavirus epidemic and the stock market panic, but I find that hard to believe. I believe that this CBA was almost always being accepted. Here's why.
There are two main reasons as to why the CBA was approved The first reason is that it benefits the "rank-and-file" participants in the union, more that the stars. The increase in minimum wages are significant, and I'm sure that the majority of rank-and-file players will vote for what is important right now, not on what will be important later in their careers or after retirement.
This is why I was shocked to see such a large number of "no" voting. There was a report earlier this week that some players were looking to change their vote and the Madden NFL 23 Players Association rejected their request. 
However, it was thought that the majority of those players wanted to alter the way they vote, by changing it from "no" towards "yes," once they had more information about the CBA. The majority of players were"iMadden" NFL affected by the opinions on social media, and I'm sure that once they started to read the CBA for themselves, they wanted to alter their vote.
Then again, according to Benjamin Allbright, it wouldn't have been a big deal: Re: Madden NFL 23 CBAI'm told the number of players who asked to change their vote was in the teens and "wouldn't affect" what was the end tally.Far more concerning was the fact that 20% of voters eligible did not buy madden 23 coins cast a vote.
on March 07 at 08:10 PM

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