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This was the same talented team with the same team

There's no reason to believe that this happened. This was the same talented team with  Madden 23 coins the same team, largely unchanged from the greatest season in franchise history but they marched into the season a far cry from their best self totally incapable of displaying the same confidence that helped them become a formidable force earlier in the season.
There was a serious psychological problem with The 2016 Panthers. Their mental health was fragile. A season-opening collapse to the Broncos seemed to too closely mimic it was the Super Bowl itself, and immediately afterward, the team never played like it believed it could win. After nearly losing to the miserable 49ers (who ended up finishing 2-14 that year) the collapse began. The Panthers fell four times in a row, Newton was mistake prone and each week Carolina appeared as if it was trying to make its way out of the deepest and most dreary hole.
Let's imagine for a minute that the issue in the team's performance was psychological. It's not certain what the results would be. Even winning a Super Bowl win could have led to a hangover, however, at the very minimum the Panthers would have played more confidently. This is essential for the 2017 season and beyond.
Inconsistent consistency has been a slogan for the Panthers for as long as the franchise has been around. An unending rubber banding of highs that are soaring and brutal lows with nothing between. If you had won the Super Bowl, finally getting over the hump, could have changed the game.
The general Manager Dave Gettleman would have stayed as a player in the 2017 season. A win in the Super Bowl would have assured that, and it would drastically alter the Giants' past history, too. Without Gettleman it's likely that the team picks Saquon Barkley, instead likely selecting Sam Darnold -- which ensures that the Jets quarterback in the same city but in different hues.
After Gettleman's departure , Panthers began acting like a team running out of time. Ron Rivera seat was getting hot, Newton was struggling, not just on the field, but also due to injuries. Everyone in the arena had a sense they needed to get wins right away. Had Carolina triumphed in Super Bowl 50 they would have a massive trophy to hang their heads upon. Newton as a Super Bowl winner and mut coins madden 23 the previous MVP likely would have laid off his aching injuries, and the team wouldn't feel like they were in a position to get him back to play as quickly, making the situation worse.
on March 02 at 08:43 PM

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