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Thus the new enlistment incentive

Thus the new enlistment WoTLK Classic Gold incentive. Blizzard claims that the general trend over the past few months has been a decline in Battleground involvement rate in the Alliance, and these new rewards are expected to increase that number.

"A major point of discussion was the idea that the main faction that a majority of players picked for their main character would be the one that all players move to it, until we alter the game in order to either give a reward to the minority faction, deter the majority faction or stop players from choosing to join the majority faction initially," Blizzard says in a forum blog post.

That being said, Blizzard would rather not drastically alter the game, preferring to "emulate the design pillars and goals of the original Burning Crusade's game structures" and "address player concerns with a method that captures the essence of the original idea behind the game.

"As you buy WoTLK Gold can observe (and has been extensively discussed here and elsewhere) the majority of these modifications that come to mind could be in conflict with the stated goals," Blizzard says. "Still we'd like to test the effects of having us put a reward for the minorities in our game."
on December 01 at 01:21 AM

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