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Former Disney exec Jessica Martinez joins Blizzard as its first head

"Our goal with this blog post was to share an unfinished part of our journey through this venture," the editor's note reads. "We are aware and respectful of the fact that each person is on their own, unique point in D2R Ladder Items their journey with the concepts of diversity, equity and inclusiondiversity, equity, and inclusion. This Diversity Space Tool is not a definitive evaluation of diversity in game content; rather, it is an avenue to begin not-spoken conversations about how considerate inclusion can occur - and thrive - within games."
Former Disney exec Jessica Martinez joins Blizzard as its first head for culture. Her role is to deal with workplace issues. This move comes as part of Blizzard's strategy to create an "more pluralistic, fair and inclusive work environment where everyone are able to learn, develop, and bring their very best potential to work," Blizzard announced in an announcement.
Martinez was employed for 14 consecutive years at The Walt Disney Company, where she served as chief of staff as well as the company's key adviser to the strategic direction. She was responsible for the strategy and communications department, and the employee experience."When you create a "people-first" atmosphere where teams feel secure and valued, as well as working in tandem to accomplish a common goal Everyone benefits -employees, players, and the business," she said.
Activision Blizzard cites Microsoft deal and lower Call of Duty sales as reasons behind the decrease in revenue. Blizzard has issued a statement of its financials for the beginning second quarter in 2022. The company saw its revenues and net earnings decrease year-over-year, with lower Call of Duty sales and the Microsoft deal being listed as the reasons behind it.
The net revenue of the company was $1.77 billion, which is down 22.2 percent over the past year.Microtransactions, subscriptions, licensing royalties and other content that is available for download comprised 78% of this amount.Activision Blizzard's net income was $395 million, which is lower than 36.1% year-over-year.The company cited lower results for Cheap D2R Items Call of Duty, product cycle timing at Blizzard and an "increase in legal and other professional charges mostly driven by the cost that are associated with our proposed deal to Microsoft," among reasons behind the decline.
on July 14 at 10:19 PM

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