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'Elden Ring' and 'Lost Ark', how do you choose?

As of 2022, two major role-playing games, "Elden Ring" and "Lost Ark" top the Steam store. Both involve a lot of work, so players will need to invest hours in them to make big progress.

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They are also very popular among players looking for a detailed, immersive role-playing experience. Players need to Buy Lost Ark Gold plan their builds and gear up ahead of time in order to face the bosses in the endgame. But "Elden Ring" and "Lost Ark" catered to these audiences in a completely different way.

"It's like the difference between steak and ice cream. They're both delicious, but hard to compare!" said Asmongold, an Austin-based Twitch streamer who has around 3 million followers for playing "World of Warcraft" etc. The game attracts a large audience.

He recently streamed "Lost Ark" and "Elden Ring" and said: "There's going to be a different audience for both games. I've played all the Souls games, and I'm also big into MMOs, so it's hard to say which is more well-liked overall.”

For most players, each game is so large that it takes hundreds of hours of work. Obviously, playing both games at the same time is not a good option. Therefore, many RPG fans need to choose between the two titles.

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on May 31 at 11:01 PM

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