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Malcolm has been playing RuneScape since he was a kid

Malcolm has been playing RuneScape since he was a kid, and has also dabbled in many of the leading idle games such as Clicker Heroes, Cookie Clicker and NGU Idle. While he enjoyed them however, he believed that the genre could have something more that would be rewarding in the same way to Buy RS Gold Jagex's flagship RPG.
"So I set out to create my own, without even thinking about how it would end up being released, or even become famous," he tells "I was looking to create something outside of the established idle game mould one that was feature-rich and allowed players a real choices about how they wanted to move forward rather than simply increase numbers on a constant treadmill.
After pondering ideas for bit behind closed doors, I started meshing ideas and mechanics from classic MMOs alongside the popular idle game formula, creating something that could be enjoyed in a casual way, while on the move and be incorporated into the hectic lifestyle of players."
He adds: "While the numbers and stats aren't the things that players like about MMOs but it's what the hardcore fanbase tend to gravitate towards once the exploration is finished. Because it's so integral to the things that long-term players' focus is, it made sense to adopt this as one of the main elements of gold runescape Melvor's game's concept. Additionally, it is compatible with design elements common in many games that are not played."
on May 31 at 08:42 PM

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