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However, when her husband and children arrived

Maximoff carried a deep fear of making mistakes and was frequently wracked with guilt and remorse.Harkness attempted to warn her of what she's now unleashed, stating she'll need her, but Scarlet Witch ignored her and transformed Harkness into "Agnes." Vision asked Maximoff what he was, so she explained that he was created from the piece of the Mind Stone inside of her, as well as her memories and emotions for the original Vision.
However, when her husband and children arrived, they were being torn apart, as they were created within the Hex and therefore could not exist outside of it, so Scarlet Witch stopped destroying the Hex, keeping her family alive.Scarlet Witch told her sons to deal with the soldiers as she went to continue fighting Harkness, now utilising and embracing her magic.The family were then surrounded by Agatha Harkness, the Spectral Vision, and now S.W.O.R.D., who breached the Hex when it opened.
Having appeared to have had all her magic stolen, Scarlet Witch floated in the sky, with her entire body drained, as Harkness revealed the Hex could not be fixed, and then went to finish her off, only for nothing to happen.Now seeing the truth behind her ideal reality, Scarlet Witch decided to set everyone free, and began destroying the Hex.
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