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My method is chiefly afk, no demand for focus.

Im saving up to purchase some kind of god armour such as the RS gold names in the subject. Which is the best one to purchase? And what is the ideal way to save up to buy it. They are all the same, asiding trim colors, and symbol on the platebody. They all have the stats of rune. If it were me, I'd go with Guthix armor, my reasons are twofold: First; It's more affordable, Second; I like guthix the ideal. However, it is a matter of personal opinion. The"rares" price growth from yesterday along with the SHARP cost knobs for rares now are the consequence of the numerous. Players who got banned for bug abusing last sunday, am I correct? If this is true I want these rares to go back to their original prices! Or perhaps only a bit lower and STAY there!

These are my best quotes, I'm not held accountable for any trades or investments which will or may result in harm by using these calculations. I know santa was recently bought out by a few clans but again not that many people can manage and not that many people will sell, since it had been quite low at 11-12M this week, well trying to merchant rares to a mass scale isnt smart, isnt fast, isnt efficent, unless ur a multi-millionaire with over 100M, then masks are like noobs to you. Seeing that white and blue are the most costly, perhaps people just dont have the money to invest in them. There's really no forecast for phats, and they trade SO slow they dont even get exchanged so... Plenty of profits made today, hopefully same thing occurs tomorrow!!! So I can get wealthy off my 1 uncommon (not phat) lol. That's including school. The afk method. About 25k+ exp an hournice and cheap, you do not have to focus much. Soul wars is simply great for level 85+ stats for decent exp prices. Additionally chinning at soul wars with holy clay is... amazing:ice: Trust me I'd like 500 holy clay points left in my yeah, and purchased like 2000 chins:wub: Anyways now.

Ammo- Anything under iron for arrows (or mithril), but that I say not to use a msb, since no defense defence. Any bolts under steel because of price. Any knives under iron is economical. Or metal darts (Surprisingly good). Kebbit bolts, inexpensive ones. Weapons- Now, I state when I was training my scope on and off using these methods (I trained most with sacred clay+cannon [such as 600k exp an hour easily 1exp to 4gp reduction LOL, that's why I'd spare sc pts]) I would definitely reccomend steel darts or a hunterscrossbow (quick ) They are cheap to use and effective exp. Steel darts as well as the predators rammed in around precisely the exact same exp at high levels 40k+, darts sometimes marginally higher.

MSB using mithril arrows, I took in harm more - wasn't worthwhile. Bronze knivesyes lots of people suggest them, but they actually are worse afterward hunters crossbow, or the steel darts because of accuracy. Crossbow, with broad bolts this may be a nice thing + spirit wars, but you want to aim for non levels who have LOW defence // piles of exp, may need zanicks crossbow(exp from crossbow alone is TOO slow). Chinning, at soul wars chinning the low levels is good at basically some level, but pricey unless you have mounds of clay that is holy pts.

My method is chiefly afk, no demand for focus. Ofcourse you may get +2-4k exp per hour someplace else manually assaulting, state yaks. It is not worth it in my opinion. Fantastic afk spots. Spiders from the safety stronghold - EPIC, no attention needed I guess xD. Bandits, only for melee - they do damage a lot so... maybe pass. Daggonaths, I cannoned and triumphed at the buy RuneScape gold same time there for 600k exp a hour (sc) they do damage you quite a bit if you have low defence, so you will be needing to listen. Hope I helped, and I expect other people with range help read this because I likely will never type this again.
on January 15 at 09:18 PM

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