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After hitting level 65, you may start making Pineapple Pizzas from the Mess Hall

Your Cooking training ought to OSRS gold be started in Shilo Village because there's a Fishing spot close to a bank. You wish to grab Trout and Salmon, which you will cook in the future in Rogue's Den or Hosidius Kitchen. Both of these places both have the location using a permanent fire supply which may be used for cooking and a lender that is right alongside them. It makes training very convenient and faster than with the majority of the skills. If you have banked fish from your Fishing training, then you should not encounter problems with resources.
After hitting level 65, you may start making Pineapple Pizzas from the Mess Hall, which is located south of Great Kourend statue. To get there, you'll require a 45% favor with Hosidius home. This activity is created without using tools, so if you're dropping your fishes on the ground during Fishing coaching, this are the ideal leveling method for you. It yields experience very similar to regular cooking methods.
CONSTRUCTION. Although the training approaches for Ironman on this skill does not differ a lot from the basic ones, you will have to collect resources on your own. Since Construction is a skill that needs the maximum number of resources, you will spend the majority of the time gathering them instead of the training .
Early levels are not required to be trained as you can purchase a house and do Wintertodt minigame for Firemaking experience and a small bit of Building progress. If you would like to train by a different method you can also find boards lying on the floor around Barbarian Outpost. From planks, you want to earn Crude Wooden Chairs until you are around level 20. Should you want nails, then you can get them for a couple of buy RS gold coins at Sawmill.
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