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How would she start out having Audie

My 89-Year-Old Grandma loves Animal Crossing New Horizons and people wanted to see what her island seemed like, so I made a video of Animal Crossing Items her giving us a tour
Wait but the villager Audie is Peppy however, your island may only start out with one Sisterly and one Jock villager
How would she start out having Audie
I might be remembering incorrectly but in one of her Animal Crossing videos I believe she began with you. Also this could be a crazy idea but what if Nintendo intentionally did that to her game? Okay typing out that made it even crazier but what if
You can not start away with Peppy villagers and she states in the video she's never noticed Audie. I hate how this subreddit appears to be super determined to induce this particular narrative that Audie the villager is an homage to grandma with literally no signs - then folks will just make things up to fit the story like on your comment.
. It's pretty weird tho that they come out with buy Animal Crossing Bells a new villager named Audie as the video of this woman showing off her island gets viral? For at least 4-5 months I've been convinced of the truth however. Why uncertainty it? Was not Audie comparatively new before?
on December 23 at 11:43 PM

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