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I'M Not Able To Find This Time Round

Hi, Yes that is another one of thoughs stupid"which skill cape if I get" things. And that I cant garentee I wont quit after couple days. And FAIL is really on there alot, lol by FAIL that OSRS gold I meen I dont instruct it alot. After this I will likely level up all of the FAIL ones alittle. I was wondering what one could be a great choice for me? I dont want to spend ANYTHING when possible. And I need it for a quicker one. Yes I am picky to. Thanks, and dont make me feal overly bad.

I dont even understand what to do in runescape in the moment I am bored and need to understand what you guys think I should do. I just put the skills that I would love to gain and to allow you to know what my stats are so it is possible to know what bosses I can kill and minigames and all that. Tell me even handy quest I should beat I do not have that much quest points I only have 151 lmao tell me everything minigames kill supervisors etc..

Right, I'm rather fed up with Rs 3 gold this corporeal monster not falling any sigils. I know I've whined a lot, so this topic is to stop that. I Would like to get the cash for an AGS. I have been at corporeal beast coinshare for 5 months and still, I haven't gotten a sigil split. 3 days ago, my clan, although I had been making tea, obtained 2 back-to-back Divine Sigil splits, 8 man team. A few months ago, I moved into lootshare cause there weren't any coinshares I could combine.
on December 22 at 08:29 PM

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