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It does? Not to come off as rude but have you got a source?

If they're not going to provide us more inclines, I wish they'd at least let's place ladders up against the Animal Crossing Items side of cliffs so we can climb them without having to carry one around.

Yeah some people really enjoyed how it had been glitched so it might be neat if they added a fresh rug/floor that did similar things with reflecting the wall in the future but obviously it kinda sucked for people that actually wanted to utilize that rug as ordinary.

They ought to at least make it so that if you speak to 2 villagers of the same personality type at a row that they won't supply you with exactly the same bit of dialogue as the prior vlager did.

It's crazy how small dialogue is in this game in comparison to every one the previous games. Like, it feels as though the intent was to spot in dialog post-launch, but then just forgot about it.

I think you just don't see it as much since they prioritise creating your villagers discuss what you have been up to, like burying bells or digging up fossils.

It does? Not to come off as rude but have you got a source? The dialogue really feels more stale than NL and I've played more than NH.

And to add on to that, they get all Mean Girls on you, should you talk to them too much. Like, I really don't play to get my feelings hurt, so I try to not talk to my villagers more than 1-2 times every day. _.

I love when Folks complain that the conversation is insistent and somebody always has to come out of the woodwork to say"don't worry I read online from some random person This game really has the most dialogue ever" like that's supposed to be useful lol

They do add more dialogue post launching however. Dialogue has been inserted for cheap Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells every single event
on December 18 at 01:01 AM

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